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About Us

Stina and John

Stina began farming at Booth Canyon Orchard in 1995, reviving 3 acres of 30 year old pear trees.  In 2000, John and the dogs joined the farm, and Stina and John bought another 5 acres of apples.  The following year, they cut down and grafted the old apple trees to 25 different varieties of apples.   A few years later, they grafted some of the old D’Anjou pear trees to 10 heirloom varieties of pears.  In the ongoing quest for the best tasting fruit, they continue to plant promising varieties of all sorts of tree fruit, and ruthlessly remove trees that don’t measure up. 

In former lives, Stina was a geologist, wilderness ranger, environmental educator and forestry researcher. Farming satisfies her need to be working outside, at something tangible and real.  She finds it a challenging balance of muscle and mind, working with living things. 

John is settling down to farming after working in Africa, carpentering, river guiding, ski bumming, and lastly, running a CPA practice.  He revels in the daily reminders that we are not in control. Nature really runs this show.

Stina and John both love the seasonal nature of farming that allows them to ski and travel in the winter. The intensity of spring and fall work brings its own pleasures of growth and then harvest. They usually find a few days in the height of summer, to go hiking in the mountains, kayaking at the ocean, or rafting a river. 


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