Absolutely the best-tasting pears and apples in the NorthWest

certified organic heirloom fruit

Flavor Bomb Fruit

A lot of forces line up to create full flavored tree fruit.  We have them all!  We are blessed with deep soil, clean water, dramatic mountain weather.  We cultivate soil vitality and plant diversity.  Our varieties are chosen for distinctive flavors.  Everything is picked at the height of complexity.  It all adds up to a party in your mouth.

It’s a Family Affair

We didn’t grow up farming, but we have grown up with our farm.  It is our home and our refuge, our livelihood and our life.  We involve friends and family and dogs and the local hawks.  We try new things and stick with things that work.  We get off the farm to recharge, and come back to get grounded.  Our lives are truly rooted in this ground and so are the trees.

Orchard Ciders

Making traditional ciders is a lot like farming— living yeast is individual, temperamental, sometimes forgiving.  Our ciders start and finish with what we grow, so it tastes like our orchard; unique, dry, complex layered flavors, with natural sparkle.  It is a great adventure discovering the processes that allow our unique fruit flavor to explode from the bottle.

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